“Farm to Baby has been an absolute blessing to my family! My son Nicholas who has some medical problems requires a certain thickness to his food and also has multiple allergies. Working with Farm to Baby has been such a wonderful experience. They actually cater my monthly subscription to what I need for him! They alter their ingredients to comply with his allergy needs. They check in with me to see how he is liking each product. Nicholas has always had a difficult time in the car, so their delivery service is perfect for us! The food is delicious! I never have bought baby food from the store that I would sit down and be able to eat myself, but Farm to Baby is a different story! My four year old eats their food! We love everything! It is all so fresh and tasty! I feel like a better mom giving my kids this fresh food. I don’t even have to sneak in the veggies, because they add seasonings that make it tasty for kids, like cinnamon’s and nutmegs. The veggie and peanut-butter balls are a great pick up food and I was shocked to see the hummus is my sons favorite! We all love it! The price is unbeatable!!! When you actually compare the jars from the store that are watered down and thin with their thick, fresh, real food, it turns out to be cheaper!!!! I cannot say enough about this company! If you want to start your baby off with healthy, clean-eating, you HAVE to try this company!!!” Jennifer Szabo- Mattapoisett, MA

“Having my 2nd baby just nine months after my first, I was finding it difficult making the high quality baby food I did with my first. I have been so grateful for Farm to Baby! Providing nutritious top quality ingredients while supporting our local farmers was a no-brainer for me. And the delivery service was the icing on the cake. The owners are very responsive and willing to make meals customized to my baby’s favorite combinations. I can’t say enough about this service and highly recommend it to anyone who values feeding their babies the best foods our region can provide.” -K. F. -New Bedford, MA

“Thanks for a fun night out! It really helped me be more creative with the food I was already making for my 8 month old.” -A. R. -Somerset, MA

“Thank you so much! The class was great and I would be interested in more in the future! My mother was with my son today and she said he loved the apples and pears! His first time having cinnamon with apples. :)” -J. D. -Dartmouth, MA


“As a working mother of twins, I wanted nothing more than for someone to make and deliver healthy food for my babies! My husband and I couldn’t be more thankful to have the service that Farm to Baby provides.” -A. M. -Rochester, MA

“I cant wait for my daughter to try those meatballs, and I’ll be ordering or coming to a farmer’s market near you to get those pb/honey bites you let us try last night.” -S. A. —Lakeville, MA