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At Farm to Baby we are passionate about bringing farm fresh food to your baby’s plate!

We are a team of seasoned moms with backgrounds in physical therapy and biology. We are life-long learners and passionate about nutrition and child development. We began our Journey in late 2014 after two sets of twins were born 7 months apart in our family. We geared up our resources to find the best ways to nourish them and created Farm to Baby to bring our knowledge and expertise to local parents doorstep with our freshly made baby food for sale and in home cooking classes. This was a great way to meet new people and get the conversation going about supporting our local farms to feed our babies. We learned that many people did not realize all of the local farmers markets available in their area which can be discovered at localharvest.org . We of course wanted to grow our business but making baby food with local ingredients and then shipping frozen containers to different areas did not satisfy our keep it local goal. After a short break we have reconvened with the intention of educating the world about local food, nutritional density and sustainability. The baby food business is a huge market but we do not feel it is necessary nor sustainable. Feeding your baby with local food that you cook yourself is the best way forward.